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Sterl STAT™

Our Sterl STAT™ range of sanitisation provides the total solution for sanitisation and infection control. This non-alcohol range of products provides instant elimination of all bacteria, viruses and infection and continues to protect surfaces for up to 7 days and hands for up to 6 hrs. This non-toxic, non-corrosive neutral pH product is the first of its kind to achieve such results.

Our “Total Sanitisation Solution” now incorporates the Sterl STAT™ range of products in hand foam, surface spray, surface and hand wipes, floor solution together with a fogging unit to allow total decontamination of all areas including rooms, theatres, hospital environments, food environment. This total sanitisation solution will further be enhanced by personal monitoring unit, automating dispensing unit and by complete range of testing and verification products to allow you to monitor all areas for the presence of infection.

The Sterl STAT™ range of products now offers the solution to all hospital acquired infections including MRSA , C. Diff, NDM, E Coli, Salmonella etc.

Our “
Total Sanitisation Solution” gives you peace of mind for infection free working environments.

The product range is as follows:

AST101 Surface Sanitising Spray (Healthcare) 750ml  6
AST102 Hand Foam Sanitiser 600ml 15
AST103 Hand Foam Sanitiser 50ml 30
AST104 Hard Surface Sanitising Wipes 800 wipes 1
AST105 Hand Sanitiser Wipes 150 wipes 6
AST106 Hand Sanitising Refill 5L 1
AST107 Floor Sanitiser (RTU) 5L 1
AST108 Concentrated Floor Cleaner 50ml 10
AST109 Anti-Microbial Hand Wipes 75 wipes 10
AST110 Personal Protection Kit 1 30
AST119 Multi Purpose Hand Dispenser 0.8L Capacity 1
AST113 Surface Sanitising Spray (Leisure / Food & Bev) 750ml 6
AST134 Sensor LRG Dispenser 1.5L Capacity 1
AST144 1.5L Refill Pouch (for AST134) 1.5L tbc
ASTF100 Fogging Unit 1 1


We have two dispensers available both of which deliver a foam product:
  • Manual Dispenser - push button with a 900ml rigid chamber which is refilled using AST106 5L Sterl-Stat hand foam solution
  • **NEW** AST134 Automatic Dispenser - this is a touch free, battery powered dispenser which uses a 1.5L flexible pouch (AST134) to deliver the Sterl-Stat solution
Please click here for more information on the Automatic Dispenser

The following video clip is a selection of interviews with members of staff at Monroe Hospital in the US who provide their positive experince of using Byotrol products.

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